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Port of Antwerp Walk

Me, my backpack and I...I love to walk, every day if I can. Long distance, hours and hours. It relaxes me, puts things in perspective. Since moving from Leuven to…

About Games and Strings

Wat is the purpose of an egg? Well, it has yolk,  supplying food to any lifeform that may develop inside. Similarly, Santa Claus is there to provide an economic boost…

Black Hole Nod

Our date notation consists of 3 sections: day, month and year. Each of the sections corresponds roughly to a rotation: day for earth, month for moon and year for sun.…

Sensory Deprivation Helmet

I've a thing for helmets. Comforting, immersive. I wish all Virtual Reality Headsets were helmets. 🙂 This Helmet is made entirely in Zbrush 2019. Sculpted around a 3D scanned model…
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