It is not well known, but before there was life, rocks had tried to assemble in shapes that resemble a creature. Only one such testimony exists today: ‘Rock man’. With its shiny blue rocks, it looks like a big nosed person. What was fascinating was what kept the boulders afloat. As it turned out, it was similar to how earth floated in space: curvature of spacetime. The fact that it was possible on such small scale, led to a revolution: Soon the planet was full of floating objects, trains, boats, and in the end spaceships. The discovery of Rock man ultimately led to the colonization of the entire Milky Way. Who knew the secret was a bunch of floating rocks?

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It is a little-known fact, but long before life existed on Earth, rocks were attempting to assemble into shapes that resembled creatures. The only remaining evidence of this phenomenon is a remarkable formation known as ‘Rock man’. With its shiny blue rocks arranged in a distinctive pattern, it looks remarkably like a person with a large nose.

What is truly fascinating about Rock man is the way that the boulders are able to stay afloat. It turns out that the same principles that allow the Earth to float in space – the curvature of spacetime – also apply on a smaller scale. This discovery was revolutionary and led to a whole host of new innovations, including floating trains, boats, and eventually even spaceships.

Thanks to the discovery of Rock man, the entire Milky Way galaxy was eventually colonized. Who would have thought that the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe lay in a bunch of floating rocks? The story of Rock man continues to inspire new generations of scientists and explorers, as we continue to learn more about the mysteries of the universe and the amazing things that can be accomplished when we dare to dream big.

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