Mark Florquin Holographer

3D scanning, for me, innovated the way combined images work in Photoshop. Often involving dozens of layers and requiring precise shadow and light adjustments, they tend to be tricky to make.  With the help of rendering, 3D scans and 360 Background images, an accurate result can be achieved with just a few nodes.

Also, as it turned out, 3D scans are useful for 3D printing and Virtual / Augmented reality. I’ve been building photogrammetry scanners since 2011, starting with just 3 camera’s sourced from my career as a photographer, to 136 camera’s for high end face- and body scanning.

In 2012, I started a business called “The Holographer”, to  help out others in building 3D scanners. I’ve used scanning and rendering in large projects, but also helped students graduate, providing them with scans and guidance. My current business is Polygonal Miniatures.

I’m continuously building a 3D content library consisting of trees, people, food, HDRI‘s, … used by Game/VR developers and students.

Currently, I’m building a specialized multi-camera photogrammetry rig and a Virtual Reality app that lets you be a “Holographer”:

The Holographer in action

Bridee Talk

Bridee Talk

Trsitan Bethe Scanner

Tristan Bethe & Mark Florquin

The Holographer

Pronor Talk

Pronor Talk