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IAMAI Synthography

Dear valued customer,

I am excited to offer you my latest photo collection, featuring stunning and unique images that were created using cutting-edge AI technology. Specifically, I used Dreambooth and Stable Diffusion, two powerful AI tools, to generate these images.

Dreambooth is a deep learning algorithm that is capable of generating high-quality, high-resolution images. Stable Diffusion, on the other hand, is a state-of-the-art technique for image generation that is able to produce images with incredible detail and realism.

Through these processes, I was able to produce images that are truly one-of-a-kind and that cannot be found anywhere else. I understand that some customers may be skeptical about the use of AI in art, but I can assure you that my AI-generated images are just as valid and valuable as traditional photographs. In fact, I believe that they represent an exciting new frontier in the world of visual art.

Each photo is 20 Megapixels in size and is guaranteed to be a stunning addition to any collection. Prints up to 40 by 50 cm are available upon request. I invite you to explore my collection and to discover the beauty and wonder of AI-generated images.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to serving you.


Mark Florquin


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  • Rise of the mushroom


    Like fire from a volcano, the mushrooms rushed to the ocean’s surface.

  • There is no wrong answer


    Well? She asked, with pink fuzzy balls rising. Calm yourself, a voice in your head says. There is no wrong answer.

  • Solitude victory


    The creature’s arms rose up in the air. Alone in the depth of the sea, it was victorious against the jellyfish invasion.

  • The shattering of glass


    With an ear drum piercing shattering of glass, the fruits left the plant, in search of new territory.

  • Deep sea colonists


    Once the spaceship was deployed underwater, the colonists rushed to explore the depths.

  • Deep connection


    As she danced with the tree, she felt a sense of gratitude and reverence for all the trees of the world. And she vowed to continue dancing with them, to celebrate their beauty and to honor their wisdom.

  • The tree experiencing itself


    Through the woman, the bonsai tree was able to experience itself.

  • Jelly brain


    The man withered away, until all that was left was a jelly brain.

  • The blue eye from beyond


    Even though the monster was in the dark, its blue eye could see everything from beyond.

  • Rebreather helmet


    There once was a man who wore a helmet for so long, the helmet ended up wearing him.

  • Ready for takeoff


    One of the creatures who, after humans, ventured into space was the Squid, and it used only tentacles to do so.

  • Plumeless


    There once was a plumeless chicken, who was outcast by its peers because it was ugly. But one day it came back with a coat, and now it’s the king of the pen.

  • Golden brainwaves


    For years, she lived without inspiration. But then suddenly, an eruption. And from that day she was full of golden brainwaves.

  • Dashing blue


    Irina hated dressing up and so she went and invented a foam. She could spray it on herself and walk around in clothes of dashing blue.

  • Coral head


    This image depicts the story of a skull who was allergic to the intelligence of its owner. It forced the brain out through the skin, until the eyes of the man started glowing green.

  • The diver girl in pink


    Axelle was a well renowned diver, known for her exquisite style. This is a selfie she took right before diving to a record depth of 2 km.

  • Fish man


    In the distant land of Aurora, there is a warning sign that says ‘Don’t turn your head’. Aniso walks by and turns his head to read the sign. He was never the same from that day on.

  • Face disease


    Ashni had an incurable face disease. For this reason, she was put on ice, in hopes a future doctor could help.