Scale 3

$ 19,95

Mechanical Balans – Industrial Scale – Weight Measuring Device


Realistic but destroyed (almost) weighing device. 3D scanned and representing an actual existing object it provides a lot of realism and minute detail.

Just like procedural texturing workflows this guy will convince any AR / VR / MR user there’s a real scale there. With the added benefit of surprise quirks and glitches.

Alas, the digital object is unuseable. It’s a static object, doesn’t move like it’s supposed to, and the user might get a bit frustrated. So its use is rather an eyecatching object somewhere on a drawer or table in your render, game or architectural visualisation.

I took the effort of retopo’ing the scandata into a neat quad-only mesh and giving it an equally clean UV mapping which relates to an 8k Texture and 4k Normal map.

I hope this scale, which probably will last much longer than the real thing, makes you happy.


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