A small group of mushrooms gathered every week in the woods for talks. They were sick of loosing members by a gatherer and were keen on revenge. They grouped together to form a face and went to the village to confront him. At first, the gatherer was baffled that mushrooms could just do such a thing. They spoke to him loud and clear: ‘Leave us alone’. The gatherer agreed instantly. The mushrooms, their growth unimpeded, soon overgrew the entire village, feeding on its inhabitants. The gatherer was ill stricken. ‘Why?’ he asked. Never listen to mushrooms, was the answer.

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Once a week, a small group of mushrooms gathered in the woods to talk about their lives, share their experiences and dreams, and discuss their concerns. Unfortunately, their meetings were often disrupted by the presence of a gatherer who would come and pick them off one by one, leaving the group feeling vulnerable and distressed.

After losing several members, the mushrooms decided that enough was enough. They banded together, forming a face that represented their unity and determination, and set out to confront the gatherer. When they arrived in the village, the gatherer was taken aback at the sight of talking mushrooms but was willing to listen to what they had to say.

With a strong and clear voice, the mushrooms demanded that the gatherer leave them alone. To their surprise, the gatherer agreed instantly and left without a fuss. The mushrooms felt empowered by their success, and their growth was no longer impeded by the gatherer’s presence.

As time went on, the mushrooms grew bigger and bigger, eventually overtaking the entire village. They feasted on the inhabitants, growing stronger and more dominant with each passing day. The gatherer, in particular, was stricken with illness and wondered why the mushrooms had turned against him.

The mushrooms simply replied, “Never listen to mushrooms.” Their message was clear: they may seem harmless and unassuming, but they can be powerful and dangerous when provoked. The gatherer learned his lesson, but it was too late. The mushrooms had already taken over, and there was nothing he could do to stop them.

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