Ehdi had always been free to float anywhere, just like the other creatures in his pool. Until something odd happened, that is. A rock attached itself to one of his appendages, making it hard for him to keep things afloat.

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Ehdi had always been one of the freest creatures in his pool, gliding effortlessly through the water with his many tentacles. He could go wherever he pleased, exploring new corners of the pool and enjoying the freedom that came with his fluid movement.

But one day, something strange happened. A small rock attached itself to one of Ehdi’s tentacles, making it harder for him to swim and keep things afloat. As he struggled to shake it off, more and more of his tentacles became tangled with the rock, until he was completely trapped and unable to move.

At first, Ehdi felt hopeless and defeated. How could he have let himself get tangled up like this? But then, he began to think creatively. Instead of trying to pull himself free with brute force, he decided to infuse the rock with air, breaking it into smaller pieces that were easier to manage.

Before long, Ehdi was free again, his tentacles once more gliding effortlessly through the water. As he swam away from the rock, he couldn’t help but think about the lesson he had learned. Sometimes, taking on too much at once can lead to being trapped and unable to move forward. But by breaking tasks down into smaller, manageable chunks, we can find new ways to approach problems and break free from the obstacles that hold us back.

In the end, Ehdi’s experience taught him a valuable lesson about the importance of perseverance and determination. Even when things seem hopeless, there’s always a way to break free and find a path to success.

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