Hubero was distressed. Ever since he could remember, he could not roll his eyes. He sought the help of a doctor, and was sent to a mechanic. Finally, he could roll, but at a great cost.

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Hubero had always felt a bit different from everyone else. As a young child, he had noticed that he couldn’t roll his eyes like his friends could. No matter how hard he tried, his eyes would simply remain fixed in their sockets. At first, he didn’t think much of it, assuming that it was just a quirk of his body. But as he grew older, he realized that this seemingly minor issue was having a major impact on his life.

Despite his best efforts, Hubero found that he was frequently misinterpreting the intentions of others, missing important details, and generally feeling out of sync with the world around him. He knew that something needed to change, but he wasn’t sure what to do.

Desperate for a solution, Hubero sought out the help of a doctor. After a series of tests and examinations, the doctor concluded that Hubero’s inability to roll his eyes was due to a problem with his biogears, the tiny mechanical components that regulated his body’s functions. The doctor suggested that Hubero visit a mechanic who specialized in repairing biogears.

At the mechanic’s shop, Hubero was fitted with a special device that would allow him to rotate his biogears manually. It was a strange sensation at first, and Hubero had to practice for hours before he could get the hang of it. But eventually, he managed to master the technique.

To his surprise, however, he soon discovered that this newfound ability came with a strange side effect. Whenever he rotated his biogears, he would find himself moving backwards or forwards in time. At first, he assumed it was some kind of hallucination, but as he experimented more and more with his biogears, he realized that it was a very real phenomenon.

As he got more comfortable with the mechanics of his biogears, Hubero began to experiment with time travel. He found that he could go back and relive important moments from his past, or jump forward to see what the future held. It was an incredible power, but one that came at a great cost. The more he used his biogears to travel through time, the more drained he felt. It was as if each jump took a little bit of his energy, leaving him weaker and more exhausted than before.

Despite the challenges, however, Hubero was determined to master his new ability. He spent countless hours exploring different time periods, learning about the past and the future, and trying to understand the mysteries of time travel. And although he knew that he would never be able to roll his eyes like everyone else, he also knew that he had been given a unique gift that would allow him to explore the universe in ways that no one else could.

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