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3D scanning for Animation and Games

3D scanning for Animation

Being 3D scanned and Rendered can offer significant advantages over traditional Photography.

Using 3D scanning, characters can be animated, posed and rendered in Game-Engines like Unity.

Here’s a 3D scanned outfit that can be fitted to a Soldier Avatar:Soldier 3D Scan

By Scanning Football players in a special A-Pose, they can be used in Videogames. Here’s an example of the result with Lukaku:

Lukaku Animated Poses 3D

Photorealistic or stylised renders can be achieved using Raytracing: This is Aline Y, a professional model, scanned and rendered in 3D using Octane:3D render of Twins

Multiple copies of the same character can appear in 1 render.Running Characters

This is what a wireframe looks like:Wireframe 3D Avatar Woman

And a “clay” render:Black and White render of Human 3D characters running

The future of imaging is here:Animated Football player Chadli

Are you Game-Ready?hp

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I make 3D content using traditional modeling, generative design and photogrammetry. I work for music video's and advertising mostly. In my free time I build a stock 3D library.

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