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Being 3D scanned and Rendered can offer significant advantages over traditional Photography.

Using 3D scanning, characters can be animated, posed and rendered in Game-Engines like Unity.

Here’s a 3D scanned outfit that can be fitted to a Soldier Avatar:Soldier 3D Scan

By Scanning Football players in a special A-Pose, they can be used in Videogames. Here’s an example of the result with Lukaku:

Lukaku Animated Poses 3D

Photorealistic or stylised renders can be achieved using Raytracing: This is Aline Y, a professional model, scanned and rendered in 3D using Octane:3D render of Twins

Multiple copies of the same character can appear in 1 render.Running Characters

This is what a wireframe looks like:Wireframe 3D Avatar Woman

And a “clay” render:Black and White render of Human 3D characters running

The future of imaging is here:Animated Football player Chadli

Are you Game-Ready?hp

Mark Florquin - The holographer