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Tree Collection Vol 2 Mark Florquin

Tree Collection V2

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I've been at it again! Scanning trees. Such magnificent creatures they are. So taken for granted. Time they got some extra, deserved attention. Proud to present Tree collection Volume 2:...

Rubia’s 3D Scans

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New 3D posed scans featuring the gracefull Rubia.Full body 3D scans of Rubia, posed. Scans are made using a Photogrametry scanner and are suited for use in Virtueal Reality, Games...
Mark Florquin Sea Shell Collection

Virtual 3D sea shell collection

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7 Photorealistic 3D scanned Models. Buy all 7 at reduced prices... Including the following Species: Angaria Delphinus Melanacantha Chicoreus banksii BROWN Mollusk Sea Shell Cut Seashell Murex Crassispina Rock Snail...
Femke Fatale Verstraete 3D Scan Models print

Femke’s 3D Dolls

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We scanned Femke Fatale (http://www.femkefatale.com/), the one and only Full Body Tattoo model from Belgium using a photogrammetry rig. 210 Camera's was enough to capture every tattoo digitally. The cool...

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