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  • Of mother and daughter


    It’s quite rare, but sometimes, a daughter looks exactly like her mother. This was the case with Hirini and Lirini. They both loved fashion to death, and each dressed according to the other. Here, both are seen posing right before entering a fashion show. Until then, all was cozy between them, but the show changed everything. Lirini had liked an item that Hirini disapproved, causing friction. Lirini went with it, and suddenly she was no longer a duplicate of her mother. Hirini, grief-stricken, abandoned her child and vanished from the fashion scene. Lirini was happy with her newfound freedom, married, and guess what? She had a daughter looking exactly like her.

  • Plumeless


    There once was a plumeless chicken, who was outcast by its peers because it was ugly. But one day it came back with a coat, and now it’s the king of the pen.