Ficus Retusa


Photorealistic Bonsai Tree Model, Scanned with Photogrammetry Techniques.


Model comes in OBJ & FBX format, with 8192 x 8192 px texture maps.

The model has been downscaled to render quickly and be usefull in realtime applications. I have tested performance in Unity 5.6 with HTC Vive and an NVidia 970.

Satsuki are commonly used as a subject in bonsai and many bonsai enthusiast are dedicated solely to them. This Bonsai tree is from the collection of Janine Droste (Jaboke Bonsai, Belgium). There are thousands of different varieties, but some popular ones are chinzan, kaho, gyoten, osakasuki, eikan, nikko, hakurei, hakurin, kinsai, and many more.

I have high poly models available on request (usefull if you need different topology or need to bake additional maps. These High Poly Scans have 14 Million Polygons and a texture map up to 16k.


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