15 Cicada Collection


Detailed and realistic Insect Collection: 15 Cicada’s

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CICADINAE – CICADIDAE – True Bugs – Arthropoda

The Cicadinae are a subfamily of cicadas, containing the translucent cicadas. They are robust cicadas and many have gaudy colors, but they generally lack the butterfly-like opaque wing markings found in many species of the related Tibiceninae.

Technical Details:

Photogrammetry 3D Scan (full frame SLR camera)
Scale in meters.
Low poly OBJ file (+/-10k)
Low poly FBX file (4k maps embedded)
Texture and Normal map: 4096*4096px, PNG

Cicadas included:

  • Pyrops Hamdjahi, Peleng
  • Pyrops Spinolae, Cambodia
  • Saiva Gemmata, Laos
  • Penthicoides Farinosa, Borneo
  • Platypleura Fulvigera, Singapore
  • Pyrops Pyrorgyncha, Borneo
  • Scamandra Sanguiflua, Sulawesi
  • Aphaena Submaculata, Cambodia
  • Platyloma Radah, India
  • Ambragaena Palatinus, China
  • Anhamia Floridula, Vietnam
  • Tosena Splendida, Burma
  • Ayuthaia Spectabile, Thailand
  • Tosena Fasciata, Sumatra
  • Pomponia Imperatoria, Malaysia

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