Photorealistic 3D character creation


Get a Photoshoot & 3D Statue

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Scandata Processing

Cleanup, Retopo, Texturing


3D Printing

Guest 3D scanning @ Events


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Advanced CGI


3D Clothing

Be VR ready!

3D Scanning

Photogrammetry / Structured light / Laser / TOF

Full Body Scan

$ Ask

Per ScanHigh Detail Full bodyscan

Event Scan & Print

$ Ask

Per personEvent bodyscanning + Statue 10cm. (100+)

Rigged Avatar

$ Ask

Per ModelAvatar rigged: Face and Body.

3D Scanner Building and Consulting

Portable & Full 360 Photogrammetry Rigs

3D Scanner Building / Consult

$ Ask

Per dayTransport excl.

Mobile Turntable 3D Scanner

$ Ask

Per scannerMinimal Photogrammetry rig

*Price excl. VAT

3D Models

For developers & students