Juonlo was an unfortunate man who wanted to look at himself without using a mirror. He tried and tried, but ultimately failed drastically. One day, a fairy visited him and asked what he wanted the most. He explained his desire of self reflection and was granted his wish. He now lives as a smoky image of himself, ripped in two. People from his village call him: The twins.

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Juonlo was a man who had always been unfortunate in life. He longed to look at himself without using a mirror, but no matter how hard he tried, he failed drastically. He wished for a way to see himself in a new light, but he could never find a solution.

One day, a fairy visited him and asked what he wanted the most. Juonlo explained his desire of self-reflection, and the fairy granted him his wish. He was overjoyed at the thought of finally seeing himself without the use of a mirror.

But as the fairy’s spell took hold, something strange happened. Juonlo’s body was ripped in two, and he was transformed into a smoky image of himself. He was shocked and frightened by the sudden change, but he soon realized that he could see himself in a whole new way.

Juonlo now lived as The Twins, a smoky image of himself that could see every part of his being. People from his village marveled at his strange transformation, but they also felt a sense of unease around him. They could not understand his new form and found it difficult to relate to him.

Despite this, Juonlo learned to live with his new identity. He embraced the duality of his existence, seeing himself as both a physical and spiritual being. He found that his new perspective allowed him to see the world in a different way, and he was grateful for the gift that the fairy had given him.

In the end, Juonlo had found a way to look at himself without using a mirror, but it had come at a cost. He was forever changed by the fairy’s spell, but he had also been granted a new way of seeing the world. The Twins may have been an outcast among his people, but he had found a sense of peace and understanding within himself.

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