Dejani was so sad, his face grew little arms to comfort him. But it didn’t help. In an effort to stop fluid loss, his eyes turned his tears to jelly. But none of this could console Dejani. He simply became known as the man who cried forever.

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Dejani was a man who felt deeply. He wore his heart on his sleeve, and his emotions were always on display. When he was happy, everyone knew it. But when he was sad, it was impossible to miss.

One day, Dejani was hit with a sadness so profound that he felt like he was drowning in it. He didn’t know how to cope, so his body tried to help him out. Little arms grew out of his face, reaching up to wipe away his tears and offer him comfort. But it wasn’t enough. Dejani’s sadness persisted.

As the days went on, Dejani’s tears continued to flow. But something strange started to happen. His eyes, in an effort to conserve fluids, began to turn his tears into jelly. At first, this seemed like a helpful adaptation. But soon, Dejani found that he couldn’t see clearly through the thick jelly that covered his eyes.

Dejani’s sadness persisted, and he became known as the man who cried forever. People would see him on the streets, his little arms wiping at the jelly that covered his eyes as tears streamed down his face. They didn’t know how to help him, so they just left him alone.

But despite his sadness, Dejani never gave up. He continued to live his life, to feel deeply and to experience the world around him. And slowly, over time, the jelly that covered his eyes began to clear. It was a slow process, but eventually, Dejani was able to see the world clearly once again.

Dejani’s sadness never truly went away. But with time and patience, he found a way to live with it. And in doing so, he became a symbol of resilience and hope for others who struggled with their own emotions. Though he was known as the man who cried forever, Dejani’s legacy was one of strength and perseverance in the face of adversity.

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