Even though the monster was in the dark, its blue eye could see everything from beyond.

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In the depths of the unknown, there is a monster that lurks in the darkness. It has a giant blue eye that peers out into the world, watching and waiting for its prey. As long as the eye is fixed upon someone, they forget that they are alive. They become lost in a trance, unable to move or think for themselves.

The monster has terrorized humanity for ages, snatching up innocent victims and stealing their lives away. Many have tried to defeat the beast, but all have failed. Its power is too great, its eye too alluring.

However, there is one brave sailor man who has set out on a mission to kill the monster and free humanity. He is a man of great courage and determination, and he will not rest until the beast is defeated.

The sailor man sets out on his ship, navigating through treacherous waters and facing many dangers along the way. But he remains steadfast, knowing that his mission is crucial to the survival of mankind.

Finally, after many long months at sea, the sailor man reaches the monster’s lair. He enters the dark, dank cave where the beast dwells, and he prepares for the fight of his life.

As the monster emerges from the shadows, its giant blue eye fixed upon the sailor man, he draws his sword and charges forward. The battle is fierce and intense, but the sailor man fights with all his might.

Finally, with a powerful blow, he strikes the monster down, and its eye goes dark. The sailor man has defeated the beast, and humanity is free once more.

From that day forward, the sailor man was hailed as a hero, a brave warrior who had saved the world from the monster in the dark. And though the memory of the beast lingered on, the people knew that they were safe, and they could live their lives without fear of the giant blue eye that once watched over them.

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