Erith had become used to the constant falling of glass shards when she cried, but for her surroundings it was a sight and sound to behold. They would scar her head and made a second face grow on her chest, but the tears of glass were more than a sensation than the pain she felt itself. For her, a torment, but the sound the terars made when they contacted the ground were a comfort for others.

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Erith had a peculiar condition where every time she cried, glass shards would fall from her eyes. It was a painful experience for her, as the shards would cut into her skin and leave scars on her head. However, for those around her, it was a mesmerizing sight and sound.

As the glass tears fell from Erith’s eyes, they would make a beautiful tinkling sound as they hit the ground. It was almost like the sound of a gentle rain shower. Some even found the sound comforting and would gather around her to listen whenever she cried.

Despite the pain that Erith endured, she found solace in the fact that her tears brought joy to others. It was almost like she had a unique gift that she could share with the world.

Over time, the shards of glass that fell from her eyes started to accumulate on her chest, forming a second face. It was a strange sight, but for Erith, it was just another reminder of her condition.

Despite the discomfort that Erith experienced, she learned to embrace her unique gift and find meaning in the joy that it brought to others. She became more comfortable with herself and the way she expressed her emotions, even if it came with a physical cost.

For those around her, Erith’s glass tears became a symbol of beauty and wonder, a reminder that even in the midst of pain and suffering, there can be moments of awe-inspiring beauty.

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