Lo Lahr was involved in talking to the mirror every day. She wished for her image to become more like herself, tangible and real. And so she continued to talk and interact. Sure enough, after countless days of wishing, the mirror began to disappear and give way to a soft fleshy being that started talking back. Lo Lahr was very pleased that she now had a real person to talk to, but she was regarded as a little freaky by her surroundings.

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Lo Lahr was a curious and imaginative individual who longed for something more tangible than her reflection in the mirror. Every day, she would stand in front of the mirror and talk to it, hoping that one day her reflection would become more real.

Lo Lahr’s wishful thinking paid off, and after many days of talking to the mirror, something miraculous happened. The mirror began to disappear, replaced by a soft, fleshy being that started talking back to her. Lo Lahr was overjoyed to finally have a real person to talk to and interact with.

However, her joy was short-lived as her surroundings regarded her as a little freaky. They couldn’t understand why she would talk to a mirror and be happy about it disappearing. They thought it was strange and unsettling that she had created a living being out of her imagination.

Despite the judgment of others, Lo Lahr continued to interact with the being that had replaced the mirror. She found comfort in their conversations and valued the connection that they shared. To her, the being was more than just an imaginary friend – it was a physical manifestation of her desires and aspirations.

Over time, Lo Lahr learned to keep her interactions with the being private, knowing that it was a topic that made others uncomfortable. She cherished the bond they shared and continued to talk to it every day, even if it meant doing so in secret.

In the end, Lo Lahr’s wishful thinking and determination had given her something that no one else could see or understand. And while her surroundings may have thought her a little odd, to her, the being that replaced the mirror was a real and tangible friend that brought her comfort and companionship.

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