There once was a plumeless chicken, who was outcast by its peers because it was ugly. But one day it came back with a coat, and now it’s the king of the pen.

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Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a plumeless chicken who was born without feathers. This chicken was unlike any other chicken in the coop, and unfortunately, its appearance was deemed undesirable by the other chickens. The poor plumeless chicken was ostracized and outcast by its peers because of its appearance.

Despite the constant ridicule, the plumeless chicken persevered and never gave up. It spent most of its days alone, hiding in the corner of the coop. But one day, it had an idea. The plumeless chicken realized that it could make a coat to cover its naked skin. The chicken began to collect scraps of cloth and straw, piecing them together into a warm and cozy coat.

With its new coat, the plumeless chicken felt confident and strong. It emerged from its hiding place and strutted around the coop, showing off its new look. The other chickens were amazed and impressed by the plumeless chicken’s ingenuity and creativity. They no longer saw the chicken as ugly but instead admired its uniqueness.

From that day forward, the plumeless chicken became the king of the pen. It was admired and respected by all of the other chickens. The other chickens would often come to the plumeless chicken for advice and guidance, and the chicken was always happy to help.

The plumeless chicken’s story teaches us that it’s important to embrace our differences and not to judge others based on their appearance. With creativity and perseverance, we can overcome any obstacle and find our place in the world.

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