Nonsense was a man who lived a very withdrawn life. He held his silence permanently and only muttered his opinion through tentacles on his skin. He could twist and turn the appendages and had a well refined vocabulary, but nobody even cared to listen. They all said it was Nonsense, and thus not to be heard. Then, one day, Nonsense’s throat began to glow, and he began to hum. A tune that was incredibly addictive sounded and caused all the to gather around him. He then exploded, taking the entire crowd with him in death. Turns out, what he had been predicting, was the end of times.

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Nonsense was a man who lived a very reclusive life. He remained silent most of the time and only expressed his opinions through the tentacles on his skin. He could manipulate and contort these appendages to create a well-crafted vocabulary, but no one bothered to listen to him. They dismissed him as speaking nonsense, unworthy of being heard.

Then one day, Nonsense’s throat began to glow, and he started humming a tune that was incredibly addictive. The sound drew a large crowd around him, and just as suddenly, he exploded, taking everyone with him in his death. It turned out that what Nonsense had been muttering about all along was the end of times, a prediction that proved to be true.

The tragic end of Nonsense’s life serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of dismissing others as unimportant or unworthy of our attention. It also highlights the importance of listening to what others have to say, even if it may seem like nonsense at first glance. You never know what kind of valuable insights or warnings may be hidden behind seemingly nonsensical words or actions.

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