Mr. Jellyfish had on every tentacle another jellyfish. He was popular and wanted to keep it that way. He grew more and more tentacles, but at a certain point, he simply sunk to the bottom of the sea, heavy on weight. He took all the other jellyfish with him, and the whole event was considered a catastrophe. From then on, jellyfish were advised to be lightweight and stay out of sight, which is why, to this day, they are transparent.

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Mr. Jellyfish was a creature like no other. He was popular among his fellow sea creatures and loved the attention he received. To ensure he remained in the spotlight, he decided to grow more and more tentacles, each adorned with another jellyfish.

At first, everyone was impressed with Mr. Jellyfish’s unique appearance. He would proudly display his many tentacles, basking in the admiration of his peers. However, as time passed, Mr. Jellyfish began to grow heavier and heavier, his weight dragging him down towards the ocean floor.

Despite the warning signs, Mr. Jellyfish continued to add more tentacles, believing that they would only enhance his popularity. But eventually, his weight became too much to bear, and he sunk to the bottom of the sea, taking all the other jellyfish with him.

This event was considered a catastrophe by the other sea creatures, and they learned a valuable lesson from it. From then on, they advised all jellyfish to stay lightweight and out of sight. As a result, jellyfish evolved to become transparent, allowing them to blend in with their surroundings and avoid attracting unwanted attention.

And so, to this day, jellyfish remain elusive creatures, known for their delicate beauty and elusive nature. The cautionary tale of Mr. Jellyfish serves as a reminder that sometimes, less is more, and that popularity should never come at the cost of our own well-being.

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