Onche was a hollow woman who’d yearned for eternity to know what it feels like being the filling. And so she ordered a cloak from the local marketplace and hid in it. Immediately, she turned invisible, and her comrade villagers became worried. Onche, however, enjoyed every minute. She was now whole, the way she felt inside and looked from the outside matched, but she was also concerned for the grief she caused. She made some holes in the cloak, she could peer through and communicate with her family. Everybody was happy with Onche, hidden in sight. But then, one faithful day, the village was under attack. Onche quickly camouflaged and killed the attackers, then ran away. It was the last time anyone saw Onche, but they remembered what she was once, a fierce defender of the village. And for that, they were gratefull.

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Onche’s story is one of both longing and bravery. She had always felt like a hollow woman, as if there was a missing piece inside of her. So, she decided to take matters into her own hands and ordered a cloak from the local marketplace that would allow her to hide and become invisible.

When she put on the cloak, she immediately felt a sense of wholeness. Her outer appearance now matched the way she felt on the inside. However, she also realized that her disappearance caused worry and grief among her fellow villagers. To ease their concerns, she made some holes in the cloak so she could communicate with them and peer through it.

Despite her newfound contentment, Onche’s life took an unexpected turn when her village came under attack. She quickly put her cloak to use, camouflaging herself to sneak up on the attackers and kill them in defense of her people. After the battle, she disappeared, never to be seen again. But her bravery and selflessness in defending her village were remembered by all who knew her.

Onche’s story teaches us that sometimes, in order to find our true selves and fulfill our purpose, we must take risks and step outside of our comfort zones. And while it may not always be easy or comfortable, the reward of living a fulfilled life can make it all worth it. In Onche’s case, she was able to find her true calling as a defender of her village, and although her disappearance was mourned, her bravery and selflessness were celebrated and appreciated by all who knew her.

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