In the distant land of Aurora, there is a warning sign that says ‘Don’t turn your head’. Aniso walks by and turns his head to read the sign. He was never the same from that day on.

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In the mystical land of Aurora, there stood a sign that read, “Do not turn your head.” It was an old and mysterious sign that had been there for as long as the locals could remember. Most people heeded the warning, but there were always a few curious souls who couldn’t resist the urge to turn their heads and see what was behind the sign.

One such person was Aniso. He was a young and adventurous man who had heard stories about the sign and was intrigued by its warning. As he walked by the sign, he couldn’t resist the temptation to turn his head and see what was behind it.

As soon as he turned his head, he felt a strange sensation coursing through his body. When he looked back, he saw that his hands had turned into fins and his face had become that of a fish. He had turned into a hideous monster and was now called Fish Man by the locals.

At first, Aniso was devastated by his transformation. He was no longer able to live a normal life and was ostracized by the other villagers. But over time, he began to realize that his curse had given him a unique gift. He could now look in different directions at once, which gave him an advantage over others.

One day, deep in the night, Aniso came up with a plan to remove the cursed sign. He believed that if he could get rid of the sign, he could break the curse and return to his normal life. He sneaked out of his house and made his way to the sign, determined to remove it.

Using all his strength, Aniso managed to uproot the sign from the ground. But as soon as he did, he heard a strange noise coming from the village. When he turned around, he saw that all the villagers had turned into fishmen, just like him.

Aniso had unwittingly lifted the curse by removing the sign. Without the warning sign, the curse had spread to everyone who had turned their head. Aniso realized that he had made a grave mistake and that he had doomed his fellow villagers to the same fate as him.

From that day on, Aniso lived a life of regret and isolation. He had learned the hard way that some warnings should be heeded, and some curses should never be tampered with. The sign remained in the land of Aurora, but it now bore a different warning: “Beware the curse of the Fish Man.”

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