A man, Krillei, existed whose own body was actively breaking its symmetry. The man was powerless and became more and more translucent as he fought back. The only help he could get was that of a host and a transplant of his consciousness.

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Krillei was a man whose life was marred by an unusual condition. His body was actively breaking its symmetry, causing his face to be disfigured by arms that rose from his shoulders. He fought the situation relentlessly, trying to find a way to cure himself, but nothing seemed to work. Over time, his body became more and more translucent, clear as glass.

One day, Krillei had an epiphany. He realized that the only way to cure himself was to transfer his consciousness to a new host. But he couldn’t just choose any host. He needed to find the most symmetrical form he could find, something that would help balance his own asymmetry.

Krillei scoured the world, searching for the perfect host. He traveled to the far corners of the earth, studying every form of life he encountered. He analyzed the symmetry of animals, plants, and even crystals, but none of them were perfect enough to be his new host.

Finally, after years of searching, Krillei found what he was looking for. It was a perfect sphere, with a flawless symmetry that was unparalleled in nature. He knew that this was the host he had been looking for.

Krillei transferred his consciousness to the sphere, and as he did, he felt his body begin to change. His arms receded, his face smoothed out, and his body became perfectly symmetrical. For the first time in his life, Krillei felt at peace.

Now, Krillei lives as a sphere, his consciousness fused with the perfect symmetry of his new host. He is no longer haunted by the asymmetry that plagued his old body, and he is free to explore the world in a new and perfect form.

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