In the universe, many say, everything is connected. No one, however, explains exactly HOW it is connected. There are always two sides of things: Discoveries of inside and out often go hand in hand. The millenium simulation (dark matter distribution) was executed at the same time the human brain was being mapped. The results are strikingly similar: both look like a vast web, interconnected:

It was then I wondered: “what other selfsimilarities can be discovered?” A galaxy looks like a hurricane. Planets look like atoms. But is there anything CONNECTING everything? Is there a reason they look self similar? The answer, I found, lies in fractals. Or recursion.

Behold the example of the Koch Curve:

The rule at each iteration is: break each segment in 3 and create a point at the middle section. Complexity is increased but the rule never changes.

As it turns out there are many phenomena that are broken into 3. Take for instance the human body, arms and fingers. 3 Iterations, that can each have 3 parts that rotate. I’d like to talk about the larger scale, but first I have to get something out of the way:

Hubble’s greatest insight

It's a galaxy, not a star

If you look from a distance, all religions are basically campfires: A cosy center place surrounded by people enjoying the warmth. Those fires grew to a church in a village’s center. And when Hubble built his telescope and looked through it, he discovered that some of the stars were actually “galaxies”. Collections of stars that rotated around a central point in Space. This, in fact, is a prime example of self similarity. But it is not the point I’m trying to make:

Sitting at those campfires, we described the collection of stars above our heads as “The Universe”. We now know that most “galaxies” are pushed apart, faster than the speed of light. Off course, they form large structures in the vast web connecting them. But they can be pretty much descibed the same way we describe life: an entity. Similar to stars being galaxies, galaxies are actually UNIVERSES. And the collection of these Universes IS the Multiverse.

This implies we’ve been looking at it wrong for a very long time now. Yes, we can ditch String Theory. The multiverse is already here. And strings too, they are what makes up the “digital, or virtual realm”. But I’ll come back to that later.

What’s important here is that, from now on, I will not be talking about galaxies (so 90’s) but about Universes instead.

(Theory of) Everything

The 9 Building blocks of life

With all this established, let’s now dive deeper into what a universe is actually made of. So, what does its structure looks like? Well, as it turns out, it’s very similar to that Koch Curve mentioned earlier. At the LARGE scale we have 3 rotating parts:

  • a Universe (formerly known as galaxies). A large disk made up of stars and dust. At its center a hart, (primitively called a black hole) redestributing matter across its stars. Limited lifespan due to Hawking Radiation.
  • A Solar system: A formation of stars. Yes, all stars. Planets are basically stars with a gas shell or crust*.
  • A Planetary system: A star (Planet)* orbited by one or more stars (Moons)

* Stars/planets and moons are all made from the same hydrogen dust. Their appearance is defined by the place they take in the system. 

On the MEDIUM Scale (or our conscious scale), the dominant lifeform (Humans) has:

  • A Body: Head, Torso and Limbs. The body can rotate at those three locations.
  • Limb: Rotates in Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist.
  • Fingers: Rotate at Proximal Medial and Distal Phalanges

On the SMALL scale we have Quarks divided into three families:

  • Top – Bottom Quarks
  • Charm – Strange Quarks
  • Up – Down Quarks

Of course there are exeptions and variations aplenty. But in fractal terms, these are the 9 building blocks that make up a universe. Note that there are never more iterations than 3.

A simple formula

Exciting predictions

Let’s assume this “block 9” rule is valid across the entire multiverse (again: the multiverse is a collection of universes (previously called galaxies). This leads to some remarkeable predictions:

  • Yes, there is life on other planets. Life is like leaves on a tree. But more importantly: the dominant lifeform will have evolved having 3 rotating main parts, each contaning 3 rotating parts. Following the fractal rule.
  • Our consciousness is limited to the medium realm and, even more narrowly, our own body. We are not aware of the planet’s rotation continuously and even less so of that around our universe’s (galaxy) center. We have empathy for others and animals, but can never “be” another. Similarly we tend to underestimate the importance of our link to the LARGE and SMALL scales. Yes The universe, us, and the small scale are in fact all LIFEFORMS. Like stars, appearance is defined by place in the system.
  • There are in fact 3 rotating parts surrounding Earth: Our moon, satellites and the Digital Realm. I will talk about that realm next.

Places to visit

The moon, satelites and... games.

Ever since we landed on the moon, we’ve been breaking the distance up into these 3 parts: The moon itself, earth’s satelites and games. Yes: Games.

It’s all about escaping earth’s gravity. In fact we’ve been making games or escapes since the first cave paintings and medieval plays. Art, plays, games: They are places we can go to, like a vacation. And they have evolved to become increasingly immersive.

When studying string theory, It often reminded me how well it actually discribed this digital realm. For example:

  • Vibrating “strings” as fundamental building blocks. Closed and open loops are actually binary 1’s and 0’s.
  • A Multiverse, with universes having different rules. They describe games built by different game engines.

Religion and now science seem to abstractify reality into unproveable theories (God, the Multiverse, Strings). But let’s face it. Physics is at a loss. String theory has untesteable predictions.

In times like these we need to bend the rules and look at things from a new perspective to catch a glimpse of what’s actually there.

Concluding, let us emphasise these three phrases: Integration, Connection and Self-Similarity. And thanks for following the Holographer’s guide to the Multiverse.

~Mark Florquin

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