How To: 3D Scanning Clothing

For use in Games and VR

Finding the right mannequin for 3D scanning clothing is quite difficult. Poseable museum mannequins leave noticeable joint marks in the fabric. So I decided to design and 3D print an A-Pose mannequin.

A-Pose, or Standard pose, is the pose game-avatars assume before being animated. Clothing scanned on that pose can get skinned and weighted to follow an avatar’s bone movements.

It’s available for sale here: 3D Printeable Man OBJ Files

All the parts are created in Zbrush, making heavy use of live booleans. As connectors, I use LEGO Technic connectors (Those little black pins). The design uses as little filament material as possible and 3D Printing time is reduced to a minimum. This is achieved by using walls of only 2 layers and, after printing, strengthening the parts with glass fiber and epoxy.

3D Printing is done on a Creality CR 10 S4. Build Volume is 40cm x 40cm x 40cm. Parts are built so they fit this volume perfectly. Printing takes approximately 2 weeks, non-stop.

The full model takes around 4kg of PLA filament.

On the left you see the legs being printed. There is a shaft inside the legs that requires printing in upright position.

Epoxy cures in 20 minutes. I make small portions of it, dip the glass fiber and apply on the inside of the print. I also apply a layer of expoxy on the outside. It smooths the print and gives a glossy effect.

When assembled, the mannequin can be clothed and scanned. Here are a few examples with scanned clothing (I used a different, digital avatar for rendering):

Thanks for reading. I’ve come long way, but there’s a lot of room for improvement. I’d like to implement heat inserts in the future. And making the mannequin poseable using Flexible PU Material

Feel free to comment or contact me for any tips an questions you may have.

Have a nice day and if you want the files, here’s the product page.

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