Wat is the purpose of an egg? Well, it has yolk,  supplying food to any lifeform that may develop inside. Similarly, Santa Claus is there to provide an economic boost during a certain period. Fantasy is essential to life. Let’s explore…

On our backs at shoulderheight, there’s 2 triangle shaped bones, called Scapula. Looked at on first sight they appear to resemble wings. A cornerstone feature of creatures called “Angels“. Mythologic flying beings. Many religions and artworks depict them, inspiring awe and hope in followers. This in turn, generates, up to this day, tremendous income. And I dare say, without that Scapula, this hallucination would never have hatched.

Now, let’s look at dinosaurs. You’re a person who loves to hike and one day: wham! A huge skull suddenly appears. Pointy teeth, will most certainly fly and oh yeah, it breathes fire! Let’s call it a dragon. You run home to tell the clan. And after they went to see for themselves, rumour starts spreading. Fantasies are quickly generated, books written. All that, because of a skull hallucination, now known as a dinosaur.

A repeating pattern is now discerned: A single real life event or fact fuels myths and fantasy for millenia. The story of the yolk and embryo.

You’d think folk grew weary with this sort of “reality bending” mechanism. But alas, it turns out, it happens, even today:

As you may know, since we invented the next step in communication evolution, the computer, we have games. Virtual, digital worlds. Pixelated and simplified, fully raytraced and photorealistic, whatever you fancy. These games are distributed via marketplaces, like Steam. Each game a universe, all the games created: a multiverse. All that extended life is essentially possible by the transistor, capable of two things: on and off, 1 and 0 – translated into electro.

You can now either play these games like mad or stare at the phenomenon from a distance and think. Hmm, we probably live in a multiverse and everything is made from strings, loops. You do some excruciating math to convince your fellow peers. And the name is String Theory. We now have the World Science Festival, co-founded and chaired by Brian Greene, a String theory evangelist. Books are written, talks are given. Sounds familiar?

Scapula’s are visible only in graves, dinosaurs in museums. Does this mean games are about to be archived as well? It does seem so: Recent games are incredibly bland and income driven pieces of 0. I find myself playing older games, Half Life now, instead. On top of that there’s a huge crisis regarding NVIDIA Video Cards. They just don’t deliver on what was promised and if they do, performance is crippled.

The Yolk is consumed and the Embryo hatched. String theory will live forever,games will be remembered. But… what will be inside the next egg?


Mark Florquin

Author Mark Florquin

Using Computers, Camera's and Software, the Holographer captures the world and its inhabitants for teleporting into Digital Reality.

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