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7 Photorealistic 3D scanned Models. Buy all 7 at reduced prices… Including the following Species:

  • Angaria Delphinus Melanacantha
  • Chicoreus banksii BROWN Mollusk Sea Shell
  • Cut Seashell
  • Murex Crassispina Rock Snail
  • MURICIDAE Sea Shell
  • Echinoidea Sputnik Sea Urchin
  • STROMBIDAE Lambis scorpius indomaris

OBJ & FBX Format + 4096 * 4096 PNG DIFFUSE and NORMAL Maps

Mark Florquin

Author Mark Florquin

I make 3D content using traditional modeling, generative design and photogrammetry. I work for music video's and advertising mostly. In my free time I build a stock 3D library.

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