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Voor Leuven in Scene 2012 ontwierp Skullmapping Fiere Margriet 3D.  Margriet werd op Laffe wijze vermoord en in de Dijle geworpen. De legende verhaalt dat ze tegen de stroom indreef. Waarop een heiligverklaring volgde. Door middel van camera mapping  worden er 3D illusies opgeroepen in de Eikstraat, Leuven.

We used Agisoft photoscan to scan the street and animate the bricks. ReconstructMe was used for mesh creation, texturing in Agisoft. Skullmapping is a project started by Antoon Verbeeck, Aitor Biedma & Filip Sterckx with the idea of bringing their individual artistic qualities to a common ground. Working primarily in the field of moving image and mapping projection we will work closely with our clients to provide the most customized solution for their projects. Model: Margot Vyverman, Music: Valentijn Steenhoudt

Mark Florquin

Author Mark Florquin

Using Computers, Camera's and Software, the Holographer captures the world and its inhabitants for teleporting into Digital Reality.

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